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Thread: Mika K's system

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    I'm Mika.

    Default Mika K's system

    Prhaps it is time to put up my own gallery/blog/whatever. My name is Mika K and I'm located at northern Finland, the city of Oulu to be more exact. I have engineering background and during more than 20 years of this hobby have had different system from single driver systems to Naim and bigger and more powerful highend systems.

    I would like to think that I have learned something from every system and from my own preferences. My current system is build from my love of music and my interest to vintage and traditional equipment. I like items that can handle the time and overall the systems purpose is not to measure well as the focus is more on the fact how the system serves the music I like to listen - jazz, progressive rock and different folk/indie/alternative/pop stuff mostly with a classical twist.

    The system is as follows:

    Garrard 401 at Slatedeck plinth with the Loricraft mat
    - Loricraft 401 PSU
    - SME V
    - Zu DL-103 Grade2(0,4%) and T'fix Phoenix II cartridges
    - Impress Laboratory model 999 MC SUT
    - Loricraft Missing Link phono preamp
    Sansui TU-9500 receiver
    Philips CD-850 mkII cd player
    Apple Macbook Pro/AE/Russ Andrews DAC1
    Shindo Aurieges L preamp
    Shindo Montille EL84 poweramp
    Altec 806A-16 driver with H-811 torvella plus Altec 416-16z woofer at 360l Onken enclosure designed by Jean Hiraga
    Auditorium 23 and Isoda cables

    At the moment I'm tweaking the speakers to get the best out of them, trying different damping materials for the cast horn and also for the Onken enclosure. Perhaps also study some xo improvements later even if a bit surprised of the performance of the original xo unit from the year 1964.

    Perhaps I chime in more later and add some more pics of the system as the Shindo amps and my record player look quite good also. Or atleast I think so


    Mika K

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    I'm Andy.


    Very nice Mika, keep the piccys coming!
    System; Michell Gyrodec SE/ Orbe Clamp/ Gert Pedersen armboard mod/ HR PSU/ SME V / J7 Tonearm cable/Ortofon Cadenza Black// Jez Arkless Turbo nutter B------ /Trichord Dino+

    Amplification and loudspeaker set up is at the moment being split into two groups, comprising the following;

    1. Same sources as above; SONY TAF-770ES/SONY CDP761E/Cable Talk 3.1 loudspeakercable/ Harbeth Compact7ES2/ Stands

    2. Virtue Audio Sensation M451battery PSU, ClarityCaps upgrade/ Sensation M901/Russian PIO caps with Teflon bypass caps upgrade/ JT Dynamic PSU with various tweaks/ Connex Audio 5N Litz loudspeaker cable, Impulse H6 Loudspeakers.

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    I'm Marc.


    like the photos in monochrome, Mika.

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    I'm Martin.


    Hi Mika,

    Blooming lovely system, and photographs,

    Source: Wadia 170 iTransport (level 2 upgrade by Audiocom)
    Apple iPod 120MB/160MB, Apple iMac/Airport Express, Musical Fidelity X-RAY CD player,
    Beresford Bushmaster MK11, Caiman MK11 + Ankaka Battery
    Amplification: ATC SCA2 Pre
    Speaker: ATC SCM 50 ASL Classic
    Other cables, power supplies: Chord Signature, Mike Homar, Mark Grant G1000HD, RFC Reference Mercury, 20000mAH Ankaka battery

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    Hi Mika,

    That looks like a wonderful system!
    I've yet to fire up my Altec 806-8A's on 511Bs after installing new diaphragms from GPA. I'd be interested to know what you settle on as far as damping the horns go.
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    I'm ILOB.


    Lovelly system that must sound pretty special
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    I'm Peter.


    Hi Mika,

    That's a lovely system you own there, lovely. You seem well sorted in terms of excellent components.

    Like the shallow depth of field in the first photo, nicely done, b/w is beautiful. Please keep us up-dated.

    Would love to see photo's of the Garrard tt & amp etc....

    Best regards;
    Peter McCullough Photography

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    I'm Toby.


    Me too, a very arty shot there.

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    I'm paul.


    Shindo mmmmm

    Thorens TD 124, Thorens 12" Arm refurbished by Alfred, Shure M55, Denon 103r ,whest PS30R , Auditorium A23 Sony XA20 ES, Benchmark DAC 1 HDR, Elite Townsens 600c Pre,
    DPA Enlightenment DAC, , , Radford STA 25 Series 3, Aurex ST S80 , Tannoy Monitor Golds 15" Tannoy York Enclosures, TEAC DS H01, Isotek Substation, Abbey Road Reference Speaker Cables
    and some other stuff

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    I'm Mika.


    Thank you for the compliments! The system really sounds like one no other I have encountered. It is not perfect by any means but has that special realistic density in the sound that you do not encounter so often with modern gear. Still need to find some freetime to open the enclosures once to "finalize" the damping.

    Here are few old pics of my Garrard, I guess have to take newer ones during the next few days including the Garrards equipment base/suspension and the tuner and the amplification also. .

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