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  1. Hi Marco, hope you are well. We have finally got our first batch of valve amps ready for sale. It's been a nightmare getting this far and we missed our aimed for price point but only just. Do you fancy having a try out of one? I can send one up to you, you can play with it for a week or two and then I can get Parcelforce to come and get it back.
    Let me know via pm if you are interested.
    All the best,
  2. Hi Denis,

    Sorry, it is not possible for members to delete their profiles.

    Please pop into the Welcome area and post the introduction you wrote in the classifieds section, and your ad will be restored with immediate effect

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    I have been looking to delete my profile but couldn't found the right page...
    could you tell me how to do it or simply remove it...
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    Thank you for informations. i go too Drawing board soon !
  5. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your message. Glad you're enjoying your DAS-R1. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question.

    What I'd advise you do is post a thread in 'The Drawing Board' section of the forum, and ask that question, as there are people there who will be able to help.

    If no-one answers, which I doubt, then send a private message to a guy called 'UV101', as he will definitely know.

    As an aside, however, you will not be able to send PMs until you've made a minimum of five posts on the forum, therefore what I suggest you do is pop into the Welcome area, and introduce yourself, telling people what system you've got and what music you like. Post a few replies there and on your thread in the DIY room, and then you'll be able to PM 'UV101'.

    Hope this helps - and good luck!

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    Hello Marco, i am Richard. I Have the fantastic Sony DAsr1 too. i have uprgaded my DAC. I have replaced the last black Soshin Capacitor with a MKP Sa cap Red series. i have replaced the Ad 712 Op amp by a BB Op2134. More precise and open space; I have upgraded the capacitors around the TDA 1541 with Mkp Rodenstein. They are better. I have a question for you. i want to replace the Op amp I/V conversion stage. you say Lm49710 in a post but I've seen in others post LM49720? One is stereo, one is mono. what is the truth? Mark of Audiocom not answered me. Sorry if I bothering you with my question but I'm that close to nirvana with this last modification ... Sorry for my bad english...
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    Dear Marco,
    I am new to the forum and ended up here while searching the web for info on Croft Acoustics. I have a small stereo set up in my living room with a pair of B&W CM5, an Oppo BD83 + DAC and my TT Rega P3-24 (modded) and was looking for a new integrated amp.
    Glenn Croft's name came up and I am about to receive a piece of kit from Croft's local distributor here in Brazil.
    The info I've read so far in here has been vast and amazing as Croft is not really a popular name in Brazil. I wanted to run away from the names we see most here - Rotel, Marantz, Cambridge, Primare, MBLs, etc - and go for something different. I am a classical music lover and was looking for something that would give me the detail I was looking for. I must confess I loved the simplicity of the Croft's - and the prices. Must be the best bargain of the world of Hi-Fi
    I am looking forward to hours of pleasure with my new Croft and will post here as soon as the kit arrives.
    Warm regards, Claudia
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    Hello chaps I'm new to the forum and not very good with computers but I do have a love of music and Hi-Fi ,I've been hooked since the 70s and I have worked in the industry in various positions over the years mainly with Bespoke Audio Stockport. my system today is a Trio LO7D t/table,dynavector 10X5 cartridge Spectral DMC 12 pre amp, Albarry M408 power amps (rebuilt by Neil Burnett 5 years ago and fitted with Music works cryo'd power leads) Trio LO1T tuner, mains block and all power cables are cryogenically frozen Music Works,Chord rumour speaker cables (cryo'd) and Allison 3 loudspeakers, tables are quadraspire acrylic shelves with you guessed it cryo'd legs, no CD player. Unfortunately the foam surrounds on the Allison bass drivers has gone , does anyone know the whereabouts of a replacement pair of drivers(Allison ! drivers are the same 10 inch unit)
  9. Hi Leo,

    Yes I read it, thanks. I look forward to reading anything else you have to say.

    Best regards,
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    Hello Marco I posted an article about Albarry I wonder if you got it , I've not figured out how to use this forum yet, please be patient I have a bit to say as I have been involved in the trade for many years(now retired)
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Date of Birth
August 14, 1965 (52)
About Marco
Bon vivant, gourmet, wine connoisseur, hi-fi and music lover. I love sampling the finer things in life!
Wrexham, North Wales, UK
Travel, languages, antiques, nice cars (and tuning them up), football, record collecting.


"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do". - Milan Kundera.

"Your validity or worth are not defined or determined by the views of others with their own superimposed agendas". - Pharos (on AoS)

My system:

Modified Technics SL-1210MK5G/Mike New high-precision bearing & baseplate/Mike New ETP platter/Bruil record weight/Nagaoka GL602 crystal T/T mat. Paul Hynes SR7EHD PSU (plus regulator modules)/DCSXL pure-silver DC lead. Ortofon RS-212D tonearm/'Speedy Steve' custom-made Ebony armboard. Yannis Tome 423.5 Phono Silver-Litz tonearm cable, with Furutech CF-DIN(R) and Eichmann silver Bullet Plugs. Cartridges: Denon DL-S1 in AT MG-10 headshell with AT-6106 Quattro Hybrid lead-wire. Denon DL-103C1 in '103U' headshell with AT-609 silver lead-wire. Vintage Denon DL-103AU in AT-Ti15ANV Titanium Headshell. Shure M55E in Denon PCL-300 headshell with 6N silver lead-wire. Shure original USA SC35C. Audiocom-modified Sony X-777ES/DAS-R1 transport/DAC. Raspberry Pi-3 Model B and IQaudio Pi-DAC+/Paul Hynes SR3DR-05 linear PSU/Williams Audio NAS linear PSU. Heavily-modified Croft Charisma-X preamp. Stereo Coffee LDR. Head-amp: Paul Hynes design/SR5 PSU. Also modified Lentek. Tube Distinctions 50W Class A P/P Copper amp with cryo-treated Tung Sol KT150s. Speakers: 'Lockwood Majors', using 15" Tannoy Monitor Golds, modified with bespoke crossovers. Also Celestion Ditton 15XRs. Stands: Mana Acoustics (non-magnetic stainless steel 'clones’). Hi-Fi Racks Podium T/T wall shelf. Sony ST-5055L tuner. Cables: Furukawa EE/F-S 2mm & 2.6mm solid-core mains leads, fitted with Furutech FI-50 IECs and FI-1363Rs. Stereo interconnects: Sommer Carbokab 225 (with silver-plated MS Audio non-metallic POM RCAs). Speaker cable: VDH 'The Wind' Hybrid II. Digital coaxial cable: 1m Trompeter Electronics Triax TRC-75-2, with MS Audio ‘Starline' silver-plated RCAs. Mains block: Mark Grant 6-way, modded with Furutech FP-1363R sockets and Furukawa cable. Tube Distinctions digital noise filter. VPI HW 16.5 record cleaner.


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