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02-06-2014, 14:47
RESERVOIR DOGS.limited edition 180 gm £20.
BIG JOE WILLIAMS.hand me down my walking stick.£5.
J B LENOIR. natural man.£5
BOB DYLAN.at budokan.Japan press.£10. double
SIMON & GARFUNKEL.central park concert.£6. double
HANK SNOW.Spanish fire ball.£10.
JELLY ROLL MORTON.the saga of mr jelly lord.£5.
JOE TURNER.sings the bluess£5.

SCREAMIN J HAWKINS.feast of the mau mau.£10.double

Postage £4.30 for first,signed for... then reductions at cost.condition is ex up to n mint.

02-06-2014, 18:09
PM sent ... cheers

07-07-2014, 23:14
Close please