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20-01-2014, 01:36
Probably have 20 or 30 good opera box sets. 60s and 70s.

All good and some mint.

If anyone interested let me know and I will put together a list.

Have a pile of about 1000 classical discs that need a good clear out. The other two main categories are operatic recitals and English music (Britten, holist, Pears, Boult etc.). Can put together some job lots if there is interest.

Re Marco's thread on RCMs, will probably buy one and give these a clean before selling.

20-01-2014, 11:17
Hi Steven,

You have a PM


20-01-2014, 21:16
Lp's or CD's ?

The Grand Wazoo
20-01-2014, 23:42
I've moved this thread to it's proper place - Music & Film Sales, which is within the Private Exhibitions section.
As you were and good luck with the sale.

21-01-2014, 09:45
There is encouraging interest in this collection and I will be sorting it with sub-groups of Opera (sorted by composer), baroque vocal and Lieder/recitals.

I will be doing a photographic list and will email on receipt of a PM and email address when done.

Orchestral/chamber is difficult to split because of the quantity and classification, and I will be retaining a fair chunk (but there are duplicates). However, there was a request for the Romantics, which I can live without, and there is quite a lot of English music (Elgar, Delius, Britten etc.) and ballet.

The idea is to provide job lots at a sensible price to suit people's preferred genre. I do not want to be selling individual discs.

Once I have sold chunks based on requests received, I may do a normal list of the rest, as there is some pretty esoteric stuff.

Please send any further requests and enquiries and be patient as I go through this lot.