View Full Version : DVDs for sale

21-12-2012, 13:09
I have a few DVDs that have only been watched once and are a shame to keep just for clogging up the storage :rolleyes: I would like an offer for the lot please to save packaging and going backwards to the bloomin' post office in dribs and drabs.

Caligula - I can't remember if Helen Mirren gets her zum zums out in this, or not :stalks:
Alexander - The director's cut, if that means anything to you LOL
About Schmidt - Not Jack Nicholson's best, but watchable.
Crash - A real Marmite film this and regrettably I don't like Marmite :mental:
Car Trouble - Julie Walters having nookie in a car with hilarious consequences
Funny Games - Odd title for a horror movie
Inglorious Basterds - Allegedly by Tarantino, but this seems like rip off somehow
Secretary - My secretary was never as fanciable as this bint!

Payment by BT or Paypal is fine and around 6 for post for the lot