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  1. Specials - Armboards
  2. For armboards / speakers cabs / counter weights and much more - check out my website
  3. Interesting Tonearm project - Arm tube fabrication
  4. Just made - Tannoy GRF-R replica cabinets - bound for Sweden
  5. Turned birch plywood flanges and Stainless steel fittings
  6. New armboard for Schick 12" for arm pod
  7. Heavy counterweight for SL-1210 and Ebony headshell spacers
  8. Ebony armboard for a Clearaudio Performance SE deck
  9. Another pair of my narrow GRF specials come to life
  10. Armpod creation for Amari Oxywell Mozart A 12" arm / Linn and Black Widow armboard
  11. SL-1210 / SME Ebony armboard comes to life
  12. Bit of fettling for a Fidelity Research FR64s and fitting to a TD-124
  13. Audio Techinca ATP-12t Armlift / rest holder and extra heavy counterweight
  14. Vitavox S2 etc screw on horn mounting rings
  15. Set of adapters for compression drivers to 2" throat tractrix 250 and 400Hz horns
  16. Extra heavy counterweight for SL-1210 145g
  17. Billet aluminium armboard for Ammonite audio / Shuggie
  18. Extra heavy counter weight for a Fidelity Research FR64s - 250g
  19. Threaded brass top hats for BobC / Vinyl Art
  20. Phase plugs to fit VOXATIV full range drivers, in polished ebony
  21. Birch ply armboard for a Heybrook turntable
  22. Another pair for Vitavox S2 style horn to driver adapter / fitting rings
  23. Adjustable / sliding SME style armbase and base plate
  24. Polished brass tonearm pod for 12" arm
  25. Update on the latest projets and creations
  26. Lots of projects on the go - but a little time out for some feedback from a customers
  27. Armboards, headshell spacers, counterweight, WAF Najda DSP X/O build
  28. More armboards for the mightly SL-1210 MKII and MKV
  29. Latest projects, Armpod, AT arm lift, Tube amp cage, brass weight
  30. Armboard for Jelco / Ammonite SL-1210 and feedback
  31. Some of my recent projects, Armboards, Armlifts, Tweeter holders and counterweights
  32. Alphason HR-100 tonearm arm base for Rexton
  33. Busy time with lots of armboards :)
  34. SME adjuistable armbase, 2 x Armboards for SL-1210 and an FR64s armlift solution
  35. SL12x0 African Blackwood armboard bound for New Zealand
  36. Armboards, metal boxes, Copper plate, Brass Knobs & Arm adapter
  37. Ebony armboard for SME V bound for the USA
  38. The Thorens TD125 MKII armboard now with Ammonite Jelco 750D armbase fitted
  39. Ebony record weight, turntable feet / armboard moutning top hat and 550Hz horns
  40. SL-1210 Ebony armboard for the Jelco Ammonite armbase
  41. SL-1210 Armboard for Sumiko MMT arm and extra heavy Counterweight for Rega R200
  42. Latest projects - bespoke armboards, arm weights
  43. Extra height tonearm pod for a ClearAudio Unify arm and Jean Nantais Reference Lenco
  44. Latest projects - Ebony armboards, Special weight and counterweight
  45. Another Jelco arm damper weight
  46. Fidelity Research FR64s Tonearm damper weight
  47. Latest armboard and tonearm damper weight work
  48. Jelco arm damper weight bound for Singapore
  49. Interesting speaker biding post project and Jelco arm damper weight on customer deck